Entry 6: What The Hell Is That Green Stuff?!

Hello again folks!

You just know that nothing good ever follows the sentence: “We need to talk…” It usually means someone’s in trouble, has been in trouble, or will shortly be in trouble. Yet regrettably, these very words were uttered in the kitchen this weekend. As you may have noticed, for the past few entries, we’ve chosen recipes with something of a sweet theme to them. While this has generally gone down very well with my work colleagues and my gaming group, it has a slightly detrimental effect in other areas.

In short, the Koala and his assistant have put on a few pounds:

Eating a chocolate bar that's taller than you does not fall under "a healthy diet".

Eating a chocolate bar that’s taller than you does not fall under “a healthy diet”.

So, this week I’ve gone for a rather drastic change in direction. The sugar has stayed in the cupboard, the chocolate has been hidden and I decided to try out a…salad…recipe. The news did not go down well:



For a chap that ate an awful lot of eucalyptus before moving to the UK, you’d think he’d be in favour of the idea. He’s right in a way though. Salads, in my experience, tend to be extremely dull affairs. A handful of lettuce leaves, a couple of soggy cucumber slices and tomatoes that have dissolved into a generic red sludge – it’s hardly what you would call an appetising prospect. Fortunately though, we’ve got a salad to really sink our teeth into…


First, we get our leaves a wash. I know a lot of folks sometimes skip this step but even if the leaves are prewashed, it’s still a good idea, just to get rid of any bugs or pesticides on them:

Wild Rocket Leaves

Wild Rocket Leaves

Rocket has a wonderfully bitter taste to it that, while not much fun on its own, can contrast deliciously with other ingredients in a salad. Ingredients such as pears:

The Koala helps me prepare the salad. Pre-pear. Get it?

The Koala helps me prepare the salad. Pre-pear. Get it?

So, we’ve got a bitter taste, a sweet taste – let’s move on to textures. The next ingredient was some Danish Blue cheese that was mixed in with the rocket. So now we’ve got a whole range of different tastes (I’m not really sure how to describe the taste of the cheese – let’s go with “distinctive” for now) and the cheese adds a creamy texture:

A small handful of pine kernals joins the party.

A small handful of pine kernels joins the party.

No salad is complete without a dressing of some sort and for this one we went with balsamic vinegar:

"Well, it's not too bad..."

“Well, it’s not too bad…”

The net result was rather tasty. The flavours do work pretty well together, although I think underestimated the blue cheese a little; it was threatening to overpower some of the other tastes in the salad. Still, the Koala seemed to approve – we might even try some more savoury stuff in future…

"More savoury stuff? What about the cakes and biscuits?"

“*MORE* savoury stuff? What about the cakes and biscuits?”

That, readers, is a choice I’m going to leave to you. Do you want the Koala to stick to baking and sweet dishes, or do you want a mixture of all sorts of things? Let me know in the comments section!


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