Entry 13: Just a flash in the pan

Hello again folks!

This week’s recipe is something rather more straightforward than my usual fare. A wonderful young friend of mine linked me this rather sweet animation about another furry helper in the kitchen:

Video Link

…and she was also looking for a quick recipe that she could cook after a long day. Then it hit me that I’d never actually tried making an omelette or anything like that before – the closest I’d been was just making eggs as part of an English breakfast.  For our international fans, an English breakfast is defined as “an ungodly number of calories fried in bacon grease, with flavours of bacon, mushroom, sausage, egg and anything else you feel like throwing in the pan with them”.

But I digress. This recipe is healthy because it actually has vegetables in it:


I made a slight mistake on the shopping list with this one but I’ll explain more later. Here’s the usual ingredients photo:

There were two types of pepper. The poor Koala was so confused.

There were two types of pepper. The poor Koala was so confused.

And of course the key ingredient:

"Oh Lord, I know where this is going...."

“Oh Lord, I know where this is going….”

Now, regular readers will know that I have a certain sense of humour and like wordplay. Those same readers are now probably dreading an entire page of egg jokes as a result. I shall restrain myself and not sink to the level of terrible puns.

This extremely simple recipe is very versatile – you don’t need to follow the ingredient list exactly. Which was just as well, because on my shopping trip I unintentionally excluded the paprika from my shopping basket. So instead of paprika, I added a little bit of garlic instead. So, for any Belgium based readers that might be inclined to try out this recipe, not that I’m aiming this at anyone specific, let’s take it a step at a time:

Make the most of it - this is the last healthy photo in this entry.

Make the most of it – this is the last healthy photo in this entry.

With the recipe, I halved the number of ingredients so that it would be suitable as an individual portion. With the onion, I reduced it to a quarter, as half an onion would have been too much, overpowering the other flavours. Half a pepper was fine though, given that I’d picked a small one. A minute’s work with the knife and they were ready to go in the pan:

Out of the frying pan and into....wait, wrong way around.

Out of the frying pan and into….wait, wrong way around.

While the veggies were cooking away on a lowish heat (as I was looking to soften them, rather than fry them), I turned my attention back to the eggs. There’s an art to cracking an egg; when I first started this blog, I handled them with exquisite care, worrying that the slightest knock would break them. It’s better if you go in confidently instead. A good solid whack on the side of the bowl and then break it apart with the tips of your thumbs works for me:

Three eggs ready for beating, as shelled by experts.

Three eggs ready for beating, as shelled by experts.

A couple of minutes beating them with the fork (when they’ve turned into a uniform yellow colour, you’re good to go) and then it was into the pan with them:

Doesn't look too appealing so far...

Halfway there…

Next step, I added some sea salt and the other sort of pepper and waited for the frittata to cook through a little. When the top was beginning to set, it was time to add the goats cheese and some flat leaf parsley:

It was beginning to smell exquisite at this point.

It was beginning to smell exquisite at this point.

I read through the recipe again at this point and hit upon a minor snag at this point. “Fry the eggs, check, add goats cheese and herbs, check, stick under the grill for…wait, what?” I have many wonderful culinary toys in my kitchen but a grill isn’t one of them. Fortunately, a bit of quick thinking and I popped the frittata in the oven for about 15 minutes at 200 degrees C, keeping a careful eye on it the whole time. The end result was quite presentable:

The finished frittata.

The finished frittata.

It was okay but not particularly inspiring, even with the garlic. It definitely needed the paprika I think and perhaps more salt and pepper. The mix of textures was good – the soft cheese, the crispy vegetables and the eggs but it needed a little more variety taste wise. Feta cheese might have been a better call and using the oven baking method from this alternative recipe would have helped as well:


On a finishing note, a wise man once said it’s a bad idea to go shopping when you’re hungry. He should have also added “and this goes double when it’s British berry season and your supermarket has special offers on”. I picked up a punnet of strawberries and raspberries and then got some honey and Greek yoghurt:

It was berry tasty.

It was berry tasty.

There. I made it all the way to the end of this entry without cracking any egg-cruiating puns. ^_^

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  1. Rachel

    Does this make you Prince of the Yolk Folk?? 😀

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