About this blog

To make a Koala In The Kitchen blog, you require the following ingredients:

  • A kitchen
  • A 30-something guy teaching himself how to cook
  • An appropriately titled WordPress blog

…and I’m sure I’ve missed something…:

Not content with hogging the bed, he also snores.

Not content with hogging the bed, he also snores.

…there we go.

It’s something of a long running joke in films and TV shows that single guys do not know how to cook. Well, that’s not entirely true. They can usually manage things like heating up pasta in a saucepan or sticking a tray of something in the oven. When it comes to using a microwave, there’s none finer…

…but these things can’t really be classed as cooking though, can they? When someone talks about cooking, images start popping into your head. A dozen TV personalities using ingredients that can only be found on a Tuesday when the moon is full, rather than at the corner shop on the way home from work. Cooking is something terrifying – if you don’t use exactly the right ingredient and bake using exactly the right temperature down to the millisecond, your creation will fail, catch fire and then eat your pets. It probably won’t taste very nice either.

Yet despite these insurmountable challenges, cooking holds a great appeal as well. If by some extreme fluke you’ve managed to follow a recipe well and it actually tastes good, the respect and admiration of those around you is truly amazing. “COWER, PUNY MORTALS, FOR I AM MASTER OF THE BAKING TRAY AND HARBINGER OF COOKIES.”

Or something like that. *cough*

So that’s really what this blog is about. I’m going to teach myself to cook and bake using various recipes from books and the internet, with the blog following my progress. I’m going to make a promise here to be honest with myself in terms of how things turn out. If there’s something bad about the end result, I’ll mention it. If there’s something terrific about the end result, I’ll mention that as well. I’ll be doing a mixture of recipes on here; sometimes it’ll be baking a cake, other times it’ll be making a lasagne.

As a well-known video game once said though: “It’s dangerous to go alone!” So to that end, I will have my faithful kitchen assistant with me on these baking adventures. I can count on him not to make any snide remarks about my failures and to be struck dumb with amazement with my successes. He still hasn’t got the hang of drying up the pots and pans afterwards though:

He does look very comfy under there though.

He does look very comfy under there though.

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